Thursday, February 13, 2014

Fall Festival 2013: 5 Original Plays

Fall Festival 2013: 5 Original Plays

Fall Festival 2013 Lineup:
11/11 - FALL FESTIVAL, excerpts from 5 original plays
11/12 - OCCUPATION, by Merri Biechler (dir. Heather Wahl)
11/18 - JANEY MILLER'S WORLD TOUR, by John Cassel (dir. Billy Mitchel)
11/19 - OCEANSIDE, by Nick Gandiello (dir. Laura Ekstrand)
11/25 - AMERICA'S DAUGHTERS, by Lara Morton (dir. Betsy Sanders)
11/26 - THE LAST VIRGIN, by D.L Siegel (dir. Julie Willis)

This festival of original plays featured over 30 talented actors and marked Speranza's first performances in our new home, Jersey City, NJ. The purpose of Fall Festival 2013 was two-fold: to showcase new work and to create a conversation with our audience about what plays they would like to see on the main stage. Attended by over 100 audience members...we've selected JANEY MILLER'S WORLD TOUR from this line up which will be performed in Jersey City in the fall of 2014!

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